Logan Consulting assisted global fastener manufacturer in implementing QAD 2016EE.


The Client

This company is an innovative manufacturer of screws, bolts, nuts, and cold formed components. Serving more than 35 countries globally, they have strategically placed 10 manufacturing and distribution facilities across three countries. They are one of the world’s leading mechanical fastening manufacturers known for producing some of the longest-standing and most trusted brand names in the industry.  


The Opportunity

Our client had been a long-time user of the QAD ERP application but decided to upgrade due to the age and limited functionality of their current platforms, as they were supporting multiple ERP systems. These factors were preventing the company from recognizing the benefits provided by a modern ERP platform, such as supply chain planning, rich reporting functionality, and efficient transaction processing. Our client began the transition from QAD 2012EE to QAD 2016EE but required Logan Consulting’s help to implement QAD 2016EE at ones of its locations, which was then using a legacy ERP system.  


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting assisted the company in expediting the final stages of their QAD 2016EE upgrade. We trained the plant’s employees on applicable QAD EE operational and financial functionality in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and identify gaps in the company’s standard processes.  This allowed us to implement newly refined to-be business processes which effectively leveraged the standard functionality of the QAD 2016EE ERP system.  


The Results

After implementing QAD 2016EE, our client saw these results:  

  • Improved accounting capabilities  
  • Refined production planning and inventory control  
  • Enhanced customer and supplier schedule functionalities  
  • Increased purchase order and sales order management, shipping, and invoicing efficiency  


Next Steps

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