When does world class CRM make sense to consider over QAD's CRM

Posted on: September 28, 2016 | By: David Kwo | QAD Business Process

With few exceptions, most of our clients are looking to better leverage its sales and marketing data. There are some world class tools available, Microsoft CRM and Salesforce.com come to mind.  Both have wonderful user experiences and possess advanced functions such as exception reporting and analytical snapshots.  But does your organization, and in particular your salesforce, possess the habits to take advantage of these kinds of capabilities?   Similar to an ERP system, a CRM system is only as good as it is used and our experience is that many small to mid-size companies tend to over buy what their organization can realistically handle.

As good as Salesforce.com’s and Microsoft CRM’s are, our observation is that organizations are making a mistake if they do not first consider its ERP’s CRM offering.  Within the QAD space, we are often asked if QAD’s CRM offering should be considered in addition to Salesforce and Microsoft.  Our belief is that QAD’s CRM should be vetted first to see if has the functionality to support your organization’s needs and here’s why. While QAD’s CRM does not possess the functionality of the Salesforce.com’s it does possess the functionality that all companies require, such as Account and People Management, Quoting, Marketing Campaigns and Support. In addition, the QAD CRM has all of the integration already built into its ERP system. This integration is often underestimated and underappreciated.  Moreover,  our experience is that most companies struggle to keep these basic, yet critical functions accurate and up to date enough that at any given point in time, it is a true snapshot of their current reality. 

Our experience is that it is better to begin with the ERP’s CRM, especially if your company is new to CRM. When they have maxed out that functionality, then it makes sense to consider a world class CRM. For more information on how to best utilize your CRM system, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based QAD Partners for a consultation.

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