What You Need To Know About Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: System Requirements, Latest Features and Roadmap

Posted on: January 21, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics GP

As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, we are excited to announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is now available. The new and improved version is waiting for you, and we're sure you probably have some questions before you get started. We decided to highlight some of the most important new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, and are confident that these improvements will be able to help your business run seamlessly. 

Dynamics GP 2015 Pricing:

Conveniently enough, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 still uses the same Perpetual Licensing model, and the software price list hasn't changed at all. The Starter Pack is the most standard pricing package and remains $5,000 for 3 users, and $3,000 for each full user added to the package. Click here to find out more about our Dynamics GP 2015 pricing model.  

Dynamics GP 2015 System Requirements:

There are a few changes made to Dynamics GP 2015 in regards to hardware/server specs and minimal requirements that you should know. The following are no longer supported in Dynamics GP 2015:

• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for all editions

• Windows XP all editions

• Windows Server 2003 all editions

• Windows Vista all editions

• Microsoft Office 2007

• Office Communicator

Dynamics GP 2015 New Features:

As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, we tend to agree with Microsoft and have decided to highlight the following new features of Dynamics GP 2015 as the most value creating:

Improved workflows. The updated workflows enable streamlining the approval of financial, purchasing, sales, payroll and project expenses. This helps customers easily customize their solutions and speed up the process of business approvals.

Single sign on. Joining with Microsoft Azure Active Directory enables customers to work easily across Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365 and other cloud based applications.

Service based construction. This feature lowers the cost and time needed for customers and partners to collaborate and rework business solutions created on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

DIY User Licenses. For those employees that need only the most basic components within Dynamics GP, similar to Business Portal that is now discontinued in Dynamics GP 2015.


Dynamics GP Roadmap:
To see what changes are to come after Dynamics GP 2015, take a look at the following roadmap:

We hope this information with be helpful for you when you are deciding to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. As always, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out. Contact us at Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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