What Consultants Really Do

Posted on: July 6, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Logan Consulting News

ERP Consulting

The Educator

Businesses hire consultants to teach them new information. Where consultants’ expertise comes into play is with the kind of information they are providing to businesses. The knowledge a client needs sometimes differs from the kind of information they are asking for directly. When in the early stages of a project, as a consultant, it is important to ask questions such as, “what is your end goal once you are given this information?”. Once you get a clear view of where the client is looking to make change, it becomes much easier to detect the pain points in the business that need tending to. Diving deeper into what is causing businesses to experience these troubles can sometimes result in finding a new problem altogether.

Bringing in a New Perspective

Having an outside eye come into your business is a key component in coming up with innovative solutions. Some businesses might take a more independent approach and stick to solving problems internally. Many might ask—what’s the advantage of bringing in someone new? One of the most beneficial aspects to hiring a consultant is their professional expertise in the field. On top of this specialization, consultants work with an array of businesses, chances are they’ve seen similar scenarios in their past work. Having this experience, it becomes increasingly easy to bring fresh ideas to the table that internal minds might not have the knowledge to produce.

Paving the Path to Success

Although, consultants have the recipe for success, it’s up to the business to make it happen. A consultant’s job is to formulate a diagnosis and to recommend action. If a company is looking to put all the work on their consultant and not implement change throughout, the solution will only provide short term success. Consultants are looking to find solutions that are going to work long term with effort from top to bottom. If you stick to using your consultant as a teacher to guide you through the steps towards success, your solution will stand long term and employees will hold the knowledge to improve for the future.


By choosing an ERP consultant like Logan Consulting, you are given solutions that are needs-based. Logan Consulting's success is driven by exceeding our clients' objectives. We start each engagement by understanding a company's unique business needs. Through discipline and real-time planning and analysis, we develop customized business solutions just right for them. Contact us now for your free consultation!

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