Putting the Customer First with an ERP Solution like QAD

Posted on: July 10, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Practice News

Looking to improve customer management throughout your business? QAD might be the solution for you. Businesses that struggle to keep customer retention often lose business due to inaccuracies and delayed response time. QAD Cloud ERP provides support for businesses to keep customers satisfied and returning. Throughout the entire life-cycle collaboration and communication between the customer and employee is kept constant with updated, real-time information. Sales orders & invoicing, customer relationship management, and mobility are a few of the tools QAD uses to cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Sales Orders & Invoicing

Uncertainty about your inventory levels can lead to disasters down the road. One of the perks about QAD is its ability to allocate inventory and stay current. By automating your inventory control processes, you can hit accurate re-order points more easily. Nothing is worse than having to pay rush shipping costs due to an unexpected dip in your inventory. In addition to QAD’s ability to keep inventory up-to-date, QAD creates sales orders with ease. By eliminating manual entry and taking data straight from sales quotes, QAD ERP simplifies the way business is done. This prevents errors from happening in the future during the invoicing stage. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) even tracks orders electronically so your business has complete control of where inventory is heading. Overall, QAD is a stress reliever in this area of business that becomes taxing without assistance.

Customer Relationship Management

Everyone knows the number one rule in business is to put your customer first. QAD does a marvelous job of this by gaining a 360-degree view of customer interactions. Taking the time to analyze your customer’s needs and wants can heavily influence their perception of your business. Having an updated transaction history allows employees to make more informed decisions that reflect the customer more accurately.


QAD ERP in the Cloud is opening so many doors in the business world. Having the power to quickly access all call assignments and customer information from anywhere is maximizing the speed of business and upping the competition. Customers will surely appreciate your business being equipped to answer questions on-the-go to their convenience!


QAD Enterprise Applications are a cutting-edge option for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and even professional service firms. No matter the industry your business falls under QAD’s functionality is game-changing. This ERP solution can benefit your daily interactions with customers as well as increase the longevity of your relationships. For more information on how QAD can help you, contact your Chicago based QAD partner, Logan Consulting, to schedule your free consultation now!


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