The Power of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Posted on: August 18, 2022 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Providing customers with a unique and personalized experience is critical to set organizations apart from competition in such a large marketplace. One way to achieve this is through thorough marketing campaigns rooted in personalized customer journeys. The Dynamics 365 Marketing app is a great resource for companies looking to elevate their presence among consumers.

Not only does the marketing app collaborate with Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Insights, Microsoft Teams, and other relevant applications, but it also has two specific modules designed to help users perfect the personalization of the customer journey. 

Real-time Marketing

The first of the two modules, real-time marketing, assists organizations in staying vigilant with how customers interact with their products, utilizing profile data collected from customers. Businesses can react to customers in real time and trigger specialized journeys based on the information they collect. Moreover, SMS is incorporated into this marketing strategy, and customers can receive personalized messages or notifications. 

This hyper-specific method of marketing in real time focuses on boosting connections with customers to strengthen their relationship with your company.

Outbound Marketing

The second module is outbound marketing, which makes it easy for companies to implement marketing techniques like email campaigns, lead scoring, and social media posting. This module focuses on connecting marketing and sales platforms into one application.

Moreover, users can put together both in-person and online events through the outbound marketing module.

To read more about what Dynamics 365 Marketing has to offer, check out Microsoft’s page here.

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