Streamlining Use of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted on: April 6, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ever hoped to get a quick picture of what your data is doing on the spot? Now you can pull your data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and quickly analyze it in Excel Online, right from CRM. Running analyses and creating reports have never been easier.

For example, if you are a sales manager, you might want to quickly look at how you can help your team members. Now you can seamlessly analyze opportunities that your team has control of, find out where you’re lacking and identify your KPIs or Key Points of Interest. On the flip side, if you are a sales rep, you can go into Excel and find out where your opportunities lie and run analyses to find out what would happen in different situations, enabling you to quickly make the most strategic sales decision.

*Please note, that you need to have an updated version of Office 365 to edit documents in Microsoft Excel Online.

Exporting to Excel Redesigned

Exporting to Microsoft Excel has been redesigned in attempt to simplify the process. Now, you can simply click in the web client or CRM for outlook and export your data to Excel right away as a document. You can open your Excel documents anywhere, including but certainly not limited to earlier versions and desktop versions of Excel from 2007 or later, Excel Online and other Excel clients.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, when you are exporting, your formatting is now saved, so that you seamlessly run calculations in Excel, and then import your data to CRM. Now, you can export up to 100,000 records at a time, increasing the limit 10 fold from 10,000 in earlier versions.

Never miss out on important data again with the integration of CRM and Excel and the redesigning and improvement of data exporting to Excel. Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and happy data analyzing!

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