Size Doesn't Matter – Improve Your Sales and Service Teams

Posted on: August 12, 2014 | By: Jim Bertler | Acumatica

Many solutions today talk about mobility and giving users access to information via tables and phones.  However, these solutions often require special apps and additional software and implementation costs.  Imagine a solution where size didn’t matter!  In other words, imagine if it didn’t matter whether you were accessing via a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  Acumatica, is such a solution.  While this may seem like a small benefit let’s examine it a little further and I will use the wholesale distribution industry as an example.

Consider how your sales team would benefit when they are in the field.  They could bring up order information, customer information, product information and even product pictures.  All from directly within your ERP system.  They could create quotes and email them to the client on the spot using any Apple, Android of Windows based tablet.  The ability to drive additional sales and provide an overall better customer experience would be huge.

Many distributors have service teams that install, troubleshoot or repair their products in the field.  If your service team could have access to information would that allow them to provide better and more efficient service?  Remember, we are not talking about a scaled down limited access situation.  Your service team could have an iPad with complete access to your ERP system including customer information, service call history, contact information, sales history and a list of installed equipment with serial numbers. 

Service in the wholesale distribution industry is critical as comparable products can often be sourced from a variety of suppliers and the level of service is often a key differentiator.  Field sales and service personnel who can email quotes after reviewing product specs and pictures and service personnel who can generate repair orders complete with electronic sign off on a tablet definitely create that key differentiator.

So if you want to have a solution where the screen size doesn’t matter consider Acumatica.  Feel free to contact Logan Consulting, a Chicago based Acumatica partner and cloud ERP experts.


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