Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Current ERP System to Acumatica, a Cloud Based ERP System – Part 2

Posted on: July 15, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Acumatica

We wanted to follow up on one of our posts from a couple of weeks ago, called 3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Current ERP System to Acumatica, a Cloud Based ERP Systemand give you 4 more reasons you could probably benefit from upgrading to a cloud based ERP system like Acumatica.

We find that all too often, many businesses are utilizing out-of-date systems, probably because they haven’t found the right time to upgrade, or they lack the budget and staff. We know that planning for a system can be an extensive process, and we want to explain to you how in the long-term, upgrading is well worth the investment.

We aren’t going to sit here and say that there won’t be a lot of work to do, and we know that upgrading your software will definitely affect your entire organization. Just take a leap of faith, we promise the change will be well worth it! Here are 4 more signs that it’s time to upgrade your system to Acumatica:

1.    Your work environment is changing: Today, lots of the top executives of small and mid-size businesses work with their employees or branches of their organization remotely and away from the main headquarters. Many employees may be hired as offsite contractors or telecommuters, so if you are dependent on a central office and the systems in place there, you will quickly fall behind – in this day and age, it’s just not practical.

2.    If employees are mobile, shouldn’t your information be too? As we mentioned in the point above, a lot of the time you or your employees won’t be in your central headquarters. You probably have had to do work from your phone, tablet or laptop. Cloud ERP streamlines your transition from the office to the road and all the way back, ensuring that you never miss out on an excellent opportunity. Acumatica enables scalability as you bring on new hires – wherever they may be in the world.

3.    You can’t access information in real-time: You probably already know that if you are searching for up-to-date information you’re falling behind. How can you confidently make critical decisions and solve problems that come up. Today there are tons of Business Intelligence tools that enable you to pull important business information and data – but you have to be able to decipher and present what it means. You have to be able to tell what is working in your business and what isn’t – and you have to be able to tell right away.

4.    Regulations are changing, and your ERP system can’t quite keep up: As you know, tax codes and other regulations related to your industry change just about every year or sometimes even more. Lots of businesses notice that their need to comply with changing demands shifts. Acumatica keeps your ERP system up-to-date with the regulations as they change. Out-of-date software just isn’t meant to be able to pivot – what happens if your company has an opportunity to expand and your ERP can’t keep up?

We hope you found these tips useful, as we know that selecting ERP software that will fit your business’s needs can be a difficult task – let us assist you in deciding if making the switch to Acumatica is right for you. Contact us at Logan Consulting so we can help you decide how to improve your business operations.

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