Ready, Set, Hike! 3 Ways Dynamics CRM Can Help Your Sales Team Increase Productivity and Score Big!

Posted on: October 26, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Football season is in full swing this fall and so is your sales team! Sales incentive programs and contest are tried and true methods for motivating sales teams, however what happens if only the same top selling performers are rewarded every wave of competition? Luckily for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users, CRM’s Fantasy Sales Team can help everyone in your sales team score big this fall and keep the whole department involved.

Microsoft recently acquired a new interactive sales initiative program designed to inspire collaboration between departments and motivation among your company’s top sellers and new performers. In this module, users will be able to “draft” teams within your workplace and have to collaborate with team members to beat out the competition. Results are easily accessible by anyone and because this platform is team driven, your newer sales people won’t lose motivation if they start to fall behind the leaders. Here are some of the features that Microsoft CRM's Fantasy Sales Team offers:

  • Include everyone in the fantasy draft – Don't just limit the fun to your sales reps!
  • Assign point values to common tasks in and out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Create Prizes for multiple outcomes
  • Track results on interactive leaderboards all around the office – Celebratory firework video's included
  • Schedule automated emails with your team's results embedded
  • Produce performance data charts/graphs for the team or individual

Microsoft Dynamics CRM's Fantasy Sales Team has been proven to produce results when and where you need it. This system is great not only for current team members, but also for easing new sales reps into your day to day flow of operations. Click here to read Microsoft’s abundance of case studies, or keep reading below to see 3 of our favorite ways that Fantasy Sales Team can help your sales team increase productivity and score big this fall.


Team Oriented Competition Modules

No one loves a good competition more than sales reps and because of the fantasy sports environment, users get to draft their teams (allowing them to work with people they actually want to). Because “players” can be drafted and traded, everyone is motivated to stay in the game even if they aren’t generally a top performing sales rep. Based off of strengths, players are able to be assigned different “positions” so that they feel valued and are able to focus on their skills. With the entire team doing what they do best, internal productivity is sure to increase. In addition to all of this, because there are multiple leaderboards available and scores are kept in real time, players feel the pressure and the drive to succeed.


Everything is Automated – Keeping Things Simple for Your Sales Reps

If Fantasy Sales Team distracted your sales reps from doing actual work, it wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it is. What would be the point of implementing this software if all it did was load up employees with complicated spreadsheets, busy work, or get them too caught up in checking stats to actually remain productive? Luckily, there is no busy work involved as everything is online and tracked for your employees. As far as obsessively checking the score boards? Team members will soon learn that time wasted refreshing their screens takes away from time actually performing and will wind up with them falling behind the competition.


Awards & User Profiles – Bragging Rights & Achievement

Fantasy Sales Team lets managers set up a variety of different award categories to recognize achievements big and small – motivating more team members than a traditional 1,2,3 award ranking would. Creating multiple ways to win allows for higher engagement and with user profiles, players are able to display their trophies and badges for the whole company to see. Hello bragging rights!

Not only does this team based sports module keep motivation within the workplace, but also helps your management team connect with the new wave of millennial generation’s hitting the workforce. Constantly thinking of creative waves to drive productivity is what our quickly evolving market needs to be successful, and Fantasy Sales Team’s innovative technology does exactly that and now that they have been acquired by Microsoft their reach can extend even further.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it could benefit your business, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and schedule a consultation.

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