On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud – Is On-Premise Deployment Right for Your Company?

Posted on: December 8, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | ERP Selection

When it comes to picking deployment for your ERP system, you have three main options: On-Premise, Hosted and Cloud. In the first part of our blog series “On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud – What Works Best for Your Company?” we will explore why On-Premise deployment may suit your business best. 

On-premise software is a software model that is installed and operated directly from your in-house server and computing infrastructure.  On-Premise software utilizes a company’s hardware and requires a software purchase from the vendor.  Some of the key qualities of an On-Premise solution include:

Responsible for Software Upgrades-  With an On-Premise solution, you are responsible for any upgrades to your system. Upgrades require a cost, yet if you choose to not upgrade your system it will still continue to run in its current format.

Must maintain IT staff or external IT support- On-Premise solutions are built within your own hardware which means that your company must maintain an IT staff or hire external IT support for any issues that arise. Traditional IT components include server hardware, data backups, storage and disaster recovery.  If you currently have an IT staff they can be trained to work within your software, if not an IT staff must be hired and trained

Total control of your environment- With an On-Premise solution, you are in total control of your environment. In-depth customization and integration capabilities are high. Also, with business data close to the source you will have fewer security issues such as threats to your system and data leaks.  

Do these qualities seem to be a great match for your company? If so, on-premise deployment may be the right choice for you. Look out for future editions to our ERP deployment blog series to discover which deployment pricing structure fits your business best.  For more information on your ERP options, contact Logan Consulting.


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