On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud – Is Hosted Deployment Right for Your Company?

Posted on: December 16, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | ERP Selection

You’ve chosen your ERP system and now you must choose something equally as important: your deployment option. When it comes to deployment, you have three main options: On-Premise, Hosted and in the Cloud. In part two of our blog series “On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud – What Works Best for Your Company?” we will explore why Hosted deployment may suit your business best.

For a hosted deployment, software is owned by your company but installed at a data or “hosting” center. At these hosting centers, physical or virtualized servers are set up for your company to lease or finance. The system is then implemented very much the same as an on-premise solution.  Some of the key qualities of a Hosted solution include:

Hardware Maintained by Hosting Company – With a hosted deployment, your hardware is maintained by the hosting company, meaning no infrastructure purchase and minimalized IT staff.

Need to Coordinate with Hosting Company – Hardware is maintained at an alternate location which means you must coordinate with your hosting company for situations such as server outages and infrastructure maintenance.

Responsible for Software Upgrades – Software is owned which means that upgrades are the responsibility of your company.

Do these qualities seem to be a great match for your company? If so, hosted deployment may be the right choice for you. Look out for future editions to our ERP deployment blog series to discover which deployment pricing structure fits your business best.  For more information on your ERP options, contact Logan Consulting.


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