Microsoft CRM and Instant Messenger

Posted on: January 23, 2009 | By: SuperUser Account | Logan Consulting News

We had an interesting question from a recent prospect that I thought would be useful to share with people. The question was “Can you record instant message conversations in Microsoft CRM automatically”. The answer is Yes!

Obviously, you can save a conversation in IM and attach it like any other file, but our prospect needed something much more robust. The need was for the Customer Service department and Call Center personnel as they have a large customer service department and use online chat as a way for customers to contact them and receive service.

By using Microsoft Communicator you can have and record the conversation right in Microsoft CRM. The Microsoft CRM Team Blog had a good posting on this that provides more details. Click the link below to read more. The second link provides details on Microsoft Communicator.

Microsoft Communicator

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