Data Cleansing in a Large, Multi-National Environment

Posted on: January 23, 2009 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Business Process

Maintaining Clean Data in a large testing environment
A global manufacturer of adhesive paper is in the process of redesigning their ERP system to both become more customer-centric and leverage a new tax structure. The decision to pursue a best of breed approach has resulted in a testing environment of over a dozen highly integrated applications that must be setup with identical data sets. Reference data (includes things like customer type, country codes, buyer codes, units of measure, item type, etc) needs to be consistent between all the applications else the applications will turn up errors when sending data between them.
The nature of some of this data is apt to change during the course of the project and even once the project goes live. As such, it is important to drive the business to develop the best data possible and publish a versioned set of this data so all applications can remain consistent. As testing is performed and requests to have the data changed come in, it is important to continue keep the applications up to date equally. The client had over 130 different reference data files that data management published via a single zip file to all the application owners in order to overcome this obstacle.

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