Maximize Revenue with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted on: March 9, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With the 2015 update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enhanced selling features empowers salespeople

At Logan Consulting, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Chicago we continue to speak with clients and prospects who are enjoying the new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, and we think you might too. Here are some ideas on how Microsoft CRM can help drive sales opportunities

  • If you’re a sales operations manager, you can now relay information to your salespeople much easier by adding products to your system and putting related products in groups togetherNow, salespeople can take these bundled groups of products and showcase them to interested customers. This feature has been quite successful for salespeople out in the field so far, as they usually end up selling more than one product. With this new feature it is much easier to pair products. For example, pairing the best selling products with items that aren't selling. Bundling them as a package creates purchase incentive by discounting the bundled packages, which increases sales and creates even more value for your customers.
  • Sales operations managers can tailor pricelists based on territories. If a salesperson is in a certain territory for a day, or is assigned to a certain customer segment, they can easily see the best products that will appeal to customers in that region or segment, creating value for customers and simplifying the sales process for your workforce. 
  • Sales operations managers and customizers can create a specific product catalog based on different regions with new localization tools. If one of your salespeople is in a region where they may need to translate product attributes and metadata into a different language, fear not! You can now export and important field translations to make sure that your salespeople have all the details they need in a preferred language to make the sale.
  • Salespeople can view all products and product bundles in hierarchical charts. The hierarchical chart update is similar to org charts, and enables salespeople to visualize all products that are available for sale if they are putting an order together. This feature ensures that your salespeople will never miss out on a potential sales opportunity.
  • Cross selling and up-selling has never been easier with updated CRM, as products are recommended for your salespeople. You will also be able to view suggestions for accessories or substitutes, setting your workforce up for the best possible selling environment, and creating the most optimal value for your customer. 

For questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM, reach out to us at Logan Consulting. We are always here to help! 

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