Management Reporter Drill Down with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Posted on: April 22, 2015 | By: Jarrod Kraemer | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

Management Reporter is a great application to use when looking at financial statements.  There are a couple ways you can view the reports with AX.  You can view them using your local AX client, or you can setup a web based viewer which can include publishing to an internal SharePoint site.  (Do not forget that a report can be exported to Excel workbooks and XPS, and you can also email report links).  When looking to drill down into the reports that are generated out of Management Reporter simply choose the line item that you want to investigate, click the triangle that pops up on the line, and click the Open in Microsoft Dynamics prompt that comes up.  This will open up the detail where the transaction stems from.  This functionality works very similarly to the drill down feature you get within standard AX reports.

Note on Management Reporter Security:  Management Reporter is included with Microsoft AX 2012.  To get the rights to use the Management Reporter, a Management Reporter Designer needs to be used and that requires an Enterprise CAL.  A Management Reporter Viewer requires the Functional CAL.  Management Reporter users are authenticated using active directory domain accounts, and MR security mirrors with AX security.  Company access in AX will be the same company access in MR.

Management Reporter has many other uses and capabilities, but the drill down feature is a game changer.

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