Making Smarter Purchasing Decisions with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: April 13, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Managing inventory levels is a daunting task for many businesses who rely on a constant flow of products. When inventory levels are nonreflective of what a business has in stock it can create more than one problem internally and externally. Inaccurate inventory levels can produce added costs from rush shipments and additional orders. Many businesses struggle with how to combat inventory issues that repeatedly minimize their success. By implementing a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can make purchase order suggestions, automate orders, and prevent these built-up costs!

GP smarter purchasing decisions


Purchase Order Suggestions

            With a few simple clicks in your Dynamics GP system you can begin making these smarter purchasing decisions. Dynamics GP encompasses past transaction history to allow for similar orders to be made in the future, simply by checking a box. Instead of having to manually record past transactions which tend to cause inaccurate inventory levels, GP does it for you!

Automatic Order Generation

            Businesses often have shipments they need on a regular basis to ensure effective operation. With orders like these why take more time then needed? Automating orders lets GP do the work without employees having to scramble to get the orders they know are necessary for optimal operative success.

Cost Control

            I am sure almost every business can think of a time they had to opt for rush shipping on a large order. It is bound to happen due to the nature of fast business and customer’s everchanging needs. This costly task can become a huge problem for businesses that seem to have poor inventory management. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, the stress of this added cost is eliminated due to features in the system like purchase order suggestion and automatic order generation.


            Having the tools to help manage your inventory level effectively can make or break a business and their possibilities for success. By providing purchase order suggestions, automating orders, and controlling costs Dynamics GP is a stand out solution for all your business purchasing problems. If Dynamics GP sounds like the solution for you contact Logan Consulting your Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner of Chicago for further inquiries.

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