How to Boost Auto Industry Innovation Using Dynamics 365 

Posted on: January 25, 2021 | By: Jarrod Kraemer | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing

In a digital era, industries can benefit greatly from digital transformation and its driving transformative efficiency. With Dynamics 365, you can utilize a modernized data infrastructure to meet ever-changing data needs and accelerate vehicle innovation in the automotive technology industry. D365 for Finance and SCM provides a consistent, centralized data service that the automotive industry can use to integrate transport modes and revolutionize mobility experiences. By using clear end-to-end solutions within unified environments, you can address expanding customer needs while staying aligned with evolving regulations. In this blog post, we will be discussing the key components to boosting auto industry innovation using Dynamics 365. 

Automotive Accelerators 

Digital transformation continually shapes the automotive industry. In order to consistently innovate and expand to meet customer needs, businesses can use automotive accelerators to streamline digital transformation. D365 allows you to develop solutions and enable a cohesive customer experience. By efficiently personalizing the automotive experience, businesses can provide insightful information such as service appointments and maintenance reminders. Further, predictive maintenance ensures that small issues are located and resolved prior to escalation. 

Digital Transformation 

Change your business through digital transformation with a centralized data service. Dynamics 365 allows businesses to integrate industry solutions to their needs and help merge data surrounding sales contracts, deals, test drives, branding, warranties, customer-vehicle relationships, inspections, and after-sales management. Microsoft technologies can help automotive companies connect sales, marketing, and service to both enhance the customers’ experience and transform the industry. By accelerating digital transformation, you can quickly advance solutions and development in engineering, manufacturing, and customer experiences. 

Examples of Automotive Accelerators 

  • Use advanced data insights that drive your business strategy, and improve profitability. 
  • Create personalized customer experiences that strengthen brand loyalty and leverage insights. 
  • Innovate vehicle products and services for safety, compliance, and improved mobility experience. 
  • Create efficiencies and reduce costs across supply chain, operations and factories by utilizing advance data integration analytics solutions. 
  • Empower your whole business with collaboration tools and the processing power of the cloud.

Next Steps      

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