How Can Business Central Improve Your Company?

Posted on: June 13, 2019 | By: Michael Angel | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, a cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, finally released earlier this year. Business central is ideal for a company that is in the small to medium in size range. Most would say that the main reason business central can improve a business is due to the Automated processes and workflows, Cross-department data and process flow, and the centralized data management. While Business Central can provide this for a company there is more within Business Central that contributes to the positive improvement of  a business. In fact, Business Central can increase visibility, maximize revenue opportunities, and speed up financial reporting.

Business Central provides a clear end to end view of the entire business’s processes. It easily dictates the processes that need to be done without the heart-ache of designing a process. It pulls in every area from sales to inventory to finance for you, so you don’t have to worry, as illustrated below.

Business central can help a business maximize revenue by providing a dashboard that can easily show you the statuses of sales orders, past due invoices, and various graphs with revenue data. In addition to the stock titles in Business central the ability to integrate Power BI allows for graphs that can take all your data and develop something that provides value.

Business central also allows for a efficient and accurate financial system. The ability to set default accounts allows for transaction processing to properly hit the right accounts without second guessing. As mentioned previously, dashboards allow you to see open invoices, late payments, account balances, and more.

Together, these elements allow for a seamless and cohesive ERP system.  If you are interested in learning how Business central can help your company, contact us online at


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