Dynamics GP Annual Reports

Posted on: June 25, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Although Microsoft has decided to discontinue new sales of Dynamics GP starting in April 2026, the company has stated to current users that they will continue to provide support to them beyond this date. For current users of Microsoft Dynamics GP who are looking to find out more about what the system has to offer, check out this website from Microsoft. 

On this page, you can find Microsoft’s in-depth information about each of GP’s updates. For each year, Microsoft provides a list of improved or new features to the software. Additionally, the website also has pictures for each feature to make them more understandable. The website has links to annual reports of what is new to GP from 2015 to present. 

If you are a user of GP and want to make the most out of the system, you can look through each or some of Microsoft’s annual updates. You might come across a feature from an old update that you could start to take advantage of today! 

Next Steps

Logan Consulting, a proud Microsoft partner, is committed to helping its clients get the most out of their software. Reach out to a consultant today to learn more about GP and its future. 

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