Dynamics 365 Expands its Product offerings with ‘Microsoft Talent’

Posted on: July 11, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Authored By: John Hinchy

Microsoft has rebranded its CRM system from Microsoft CRM to Microsoft Dynamics as of late last year. This was not just a name change for Microsoft though, this was just the beginning of a new path for the Microsoft Dynamics product line that will go well beyond the customer relationship management system it has known for years. The three big new services that have been introduced are Project Service, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Microsoft Talent.

Project Service is a great tool that allows field agents and project managers to collaborate and efficiently book time and resources. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the highly anticipated offering after the purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft last year. Microsoft Talent is the most recent tool introduced and finally brings an HR and Staffing component to the Microsoft Suite of Products.

The Microsoft Talent tool appears to be highly effective for firms with low to medium hiring needs, but whose business does not have the need for an Applicant Tracking System. This system would take place of an ATS and allow the business to complete the whole hiring and onboarding process.

microsoft talent 

As shown in the depiction, the HR Manager and hiring managers have the ability to set up the interview team, design the interview, and book the interviews for each candidate in the appropriate time slots. With LinkedIn integration, you can pull information about the candidate, get in touch with them, and complete scheduling and communication.

You have the ability to collaborate in real time and keep all internal employees up to date with the interview questions, interview notes, and candidate responses.

Similar to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, the user has the ability to track and schedule activities. As shown below you can schedule the interview activity, the follow ups, and tasks for items needing to be accomplished to hire and onboard.

microsoft talent

Then, you can use the data gathered about each candidate to make the best choice. You can take an aggregate of interview history, personal experience, and feedback to determine which candidate fits the most.

microsoft talent 

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