Document Management and SharePoint Integration in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Posted on: March 10, 2015 | By: Jarrod Kraemer | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

The Document Management feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 allows users to attach files to records.  For example, the feature allows a company to attach a PDF file sent from a customer to a Sales Order.  But, once the document is attached, where does it go?

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 conveniently gives you the option to save attached files automatically to your company’s SharePoint site.  This eliminates the extra step of first having to save your document to SharePoint before attaching it to your AX record.  Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you kill two birds with one stone via simple Document Management setup.

The following setup is required for SharePoint document management integration:   

·        Activate Document Management

File>Tools>Options>Miscellaneous>General>Document Handling Checkbox

·        Create or have access to one or more SharePoint document libraries

·        Configure the authentication type for each SharePoint site that you want Microsoft Dynamics AX to integrate with

1.      Click Organization administration > Setup > Document management > Document management parameters. 

2.      Go to SharePoint tab.

3.      Click Add.

4.      Enter the URL for the SharePoint site.

5.      Select the authentication type for the SharePoint site – Windows or Online (cloud).



·        Create a document type for the Document attachments. 

1. Click Organization administration > Setup > Document management > Document types.

2. Click New and enter in the following information:

               -Type and Name

               -Class: Attach File

               -Group: File

               -Location: SharePoint

               -Archive directory: URL for SharePoint document library

Now the end user is all set to choose the document type that will upload to your company’s SharePoint site when attaching a document to a record in Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

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