Convergence and Microsoft Dyanmics GP

Posted on: April 27, 2011 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics GP

We just returned from Convergence and it was a great conference. Our clients and prospects gained valuable information and insight into Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM. One thing we had seen recently and was even more evident from Convergence is a renewed interest from companies looking to move forward with projects which had been delayed.

The fact the economy has picked up is a big driver, but companies are definitely looking to improve their accounting and customer relationship management systems to provide better visibility into operations, better reporting of transactions and results, and better ability to find the information they need to effectively run their businesses.

Many companies still have a lean staffing approach and they can’t afford to consume valuable time with phone calls, return calls, voice mails and lengthy email chains. They need visibility and “self help” capability which Dynamics GP and Microsoft CRM can provide.

Reporting, especially in Dynamics GP is a major issue and by using SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) companies can improve their access to GP information. We were amazed at Convergence how many people were unaware or had not implement SSRS.

As was clearly evident at Convergence, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers hundreds of vertical and horizontal solutions to help tailor the overall solution to a given company’s needs. Implemented properly, a Microsoft Dynamics GP vertical solution can provide companies with the visibility, business processes and reporting needed to take a company to the next level of success.

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