Changing Currency Decimal Place for an Inventory Item in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: April 3, 2017 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics GP

    After initially setting up items in GP, a user might need to change the number of decimal places for the currency of an item in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Some reasons include:

  • Items might have been set up incorrectly
  • A user might have started purchasing a product from a different supplier, or international supplier and with the currency exchange rates, you want to track 3 or 4 decimal places
  • You purchase raw materials at a volume and want to track more decimal places

Regardless of the reason, Dynamics GP can handle this change. 



    First, there is a utility in inventory that you will run.  Then, if the Manufacturing module is used, additional steps will need to be taken. Before performing any of the steps in this article, it is highly recommended that a backup of the company database is saved in case any unexpected changes are made.


To run the inventory utility, navigate to Inventory – Utilities – Change Decimal Places.  Select the Change Currency Decimal Places checkbox and the number of decimal places that you now want.  Additionally, you can change the decimal places for a range of items, descriptions, generic descriptions, or class IDs.

microsoft dynamics gp changing currency


Once the box to “Change Currency Decimal Places” is checked, the user will receive the following message.


microsoft dynamics gp changing currency


    This prompt will only pertain to those items in which you will be decreasing the number of decimal places.  If you are increasing the number of decimal places, zeros are added for all amounts on the documents where the item is being used except for the Dynamics GP Manufacturing module. 


    Next, a user will need to perform this additional step for the items in manufacturing that you are increasing the number of currency decimal places on. 

Run the following script in SQL Server Management Studio on the same database that you had just ran the inventory utility for:


This script can be used to update one item at a time by replacing the ‘5-DEPOT’ with whatever item numbers need to be updated. Confirm that the script above returns the item that needs to be changed.


    Now, a script needs to be run to update the DECPLCUR field for the relevant items. If there is a where clause in the select statement written above, then be sure to copy and paste the where clause to the update script as well.  Make sure to refer to the corresponding values listed in the table below for the CT00102 table when setting the number for DECPLCUR. 

update CT00102 set DECPLCUR = '5' where ITEMNMBR = '5-DEPOT'


microsoft dynamics gp changing currency


For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, please contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Certified Gold Partner to schedule a consultation.

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