4 Tips for Successful ERP Implementation

Posted on: June 21, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, ERP Selection

ERP Implementation


Developing a strategy for your ERP implementation project is the first step towards a successful upgrade. Establishing delivery dates before the start of implementation is beneficial to gauge a mapped-out timeline for your project. Another reason planning is important to an effective start of an implementation, is to save costs in the long run. If your business is unclear about budget constraints, it becomes increasingly difficult to make a final selection. Taking the time to clarify these factors that go into ERP implementation before it begins will save you trouble long term.

Defining a Goal

Setting clear expectations from the start of implementation all the way to the end will help to eliminate confusion business-wide. Defining and redefining the objective you are striving to reach allows employees to work together towards this common goal. Expectations need to be defined both internally and externally. Both your internal project team and implementation partners need to know what is expected of them throughout the ERP upgrade. Of course, along with a set goal it is important to keep track of progress along the way. This can be done both quantitatively and qualitatively. No matter the way your business decides to keep track of progression just keep reiterating the objectives that were defined pre-implementation.

Less is More

A useful feature built into ERP software packages like Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ability to customize. This is a great option when in search of a flexible solution that can mold and adapt to your business, however, the cost of customization can add up fast. Keeping it simple and utilizing templates during the start of your ERP implementation works for a lot of clients at minimal costs. Although, once you experience growth it is highly convenient to have this option at your discretion.

Choosing a Partner with Experience

Before selecting just any ERP consultant, you might want to take the time to consider their reputation, scope, and specialties. Looking for a partner with experience in your industry ensures that they are familiar with what your business needs are. You will also want to be honest and upfront with you consultant about what features in your current system have been successful and unsuccessful. Logan Consulting is a diverse Microsoft Gold Partner that strives to exceed our clients’ objectives. Staying focused on each clients’ needs by being straightforward, disciplined, and agile has led us to implement ERP systems with a vast array of industries.

If your business is searching for the right ERP partner to guide them through a successful implementation, contact Logan Consulting, for a free consultation now!


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