4 Reasons Why Acumatica is Perfect for Small Business

Posted on: March 11, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica



Just like every software on the market, ERP can go in and out of style, but believe it or not, a solid Cloud ERP software like Acumatica can make a huge impact on any SMB. Don't believe the stereotypes, anyone can improve their business through Acumatica's cloud ERP software! Below are a few of the most influential factors of deciding on an ERP system, read how Acumatica can help your small business grow.


  • Affordability: Unlike most vendors on the market, Acumatica understands the importance of affordability when pricing it's ERP. One of the big pain points that SMB's often face is having to deal with upgrades and the hefty price tags that often come along with them. With most ERP software, users can't control when they upgrade, their vendor upgrades everyone at the same time and that's that. However with Acumatica's multi-tenant technology, you get to save money on upgrades and get the opportunity to choose what and when you want to level up so your business can stay productive and save money at the same time.
  • Mobility: When any company is starting up for the first time, finding secure and affordable office space can be easier said than done. Sometimes you need to work from home, or a coffee shop, or the Barns and Nobel across the street to get the job done and Acumatica gets that. With Acumatica Cloud ERP's web based mobile platform, users have the ability to access and edit their data wherever and whenever they need to. Don't be tied down by your ERP software, let Acumatica mobilize your company so you can make the most of your business without being tied down by rigid ERP. True SaaS ERP can run anywhere, anytime, on any device or browser. Don't let anyone tell you differently, ERP can work for you, all it takes is finding the right provider.
  • Customization & Flexibility: Every business is unique, especially when it comes to small to medium sized businesses. Rather than conform to a cookie cutter way of doing things, let Acumatica help you play to your strengths to help you find what works best for your company. Acumatica lets you tailor your business management software to fit your company's exact needs, no matter how complicated or specific they may be. If your business is on the smaller side, worry not, because with Acumatica, you don't need to be a programmer to make these changes. SaaS ERP is easily adaptable and can be deployed to a new user in just minutes without the headache and hassle of working through your IT department.
  • User Experience (UX): Probably one of the most influential factors that any SMB has to consider when implementing a new ERP software is how the user experience is going to affect and relate to their company. It's important to find a software that focuses on innovation and empowerment to better assist the businesses it is implemented in. Acumatica does just this, through providing ERP and CRM software through a global network of qualified Acumatica partners whose goal is to empower businesses of all sizes to succeed and grow. Acumatica's software is both innovative and easy to use, so what's stopping you from taking the plunge?

For more information on how Acumatica can help grow your SMB, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Acumatica ERP Partner for pricing or a consultation.

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