3 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Current ERP System to Acumatica, a Cloud Based ERP System

Posted on: June 23, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Acumatica

Have you been feeling dissatisfied with your current ERP system and need to decide when would be the right time to make a change to a cloud based ERP system like Acumatica? You’re not the only one.

Forrester Research published a statistic a few years ago that has been widely referenced ever since. It states that over half of the people using ERP systems utilize outdated systems. Many of those people admitted to their systems being up to 4 years old or older. We think the main reason for this is that most small business leaders claim that they don’t have the necessary time, budget or staff to make a major change in their organization by updating their current ERP system. Basically, they have never found the “right” time to deploy a new system.

Updating your ERP system can seem a little intimidating, as it is expensive and time consuming. but most people don’t consider just how much this investment will positively impact their business operations. The efficiency businesses gain as well as the improvement to business operations improve everything tremendously in the long run. However, we understand that the long-term benefit of implementing new software might not be enough to incentivize people to jump on board right away with lots of time and money to put out up front.

The main reason people stay with their outdated software is because changing the software definitely affects their entire organization. There is a lot of time, training and interruption to business processes that you will have to anticipated and planned for, but trust us – it will be worth it in the long run. Here are a few signs that it’s time to make the switch to Acumatica – a cloud based ERP system.

  1. Small setbacks are starting to add up: It’s no secret that there are easier ways to accomplish your various business tasks. Technology changes very quickly, and inefficiencies turn into hidden costs associated with non-cloud ERP software faster than you even realize. When your system is outdated, you end up using your time and resources working on the maintenance of the software instead of using your valuable time and resources to focus on much more important tasks.

  2. Your ERP capability doesn’t stack up:  The idea behind purchasing an ERP system initially was your need for help managing your company as it began to experience growth. If your maintenance fees and limited-user licensing fees are adding up as you add more employees to your team, your ERP system probably doesn’t scale well. The main goal of ERP is to enable and integrate growth, not inhibit it or create even more work for your team.

  3. You aren’t able to satisfy your customers needs: Customers, suppliers and partners alike all need direct access to billing, shipping and information about inventory. If customers have to call someone within your organization to get the answers they need, this is a big waste of everyone’s time. Outdated ERP systems were not made to have multiple users access the system – so, they aren’t really designed for satisfying customer service needs. Cloud ERP systems like Acumatica are made for users to get access to the system whenever and wherever they need to. This ensures that the data everyone is seeing is updated in real-time. If you are unable to provide these capabilities to your customers, suppliers and partners, they may want to take their business to your competitors.  

Selecting ERP software that will fit your business’s needs can be a difficult task – let us assist you in deciding if making the switch to Acumatica is right for you. Contact us at Logan Consulting so we can help you decide how to improve your business operations.

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