3 Reasons Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs QAD

Posted on: March 1, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Manufacturing, QAD Business Process

Known for its versatility among the manufacturing community, QAD has become a staple within the industry. Manufacturers need an ERP system that allows them the flexibility to change business processes and meet customer requirements. QAD gives manufacturers the perfect solution to meet these needs through software that can support mass customization of products, plan preventive maintenance based on time or quality completed, increase forecast accuracy and much more. Read on for some of our favorite features within QAD’s discrete and lean business process for manufacturers.

Product Genealogy: Use QAD to track item specifications, test results, potency and more through every step of the production process. Tracking your business process has never been easier and this simplified process makes it simple to trace just about any component to minimize error and miscommunication.

Master Scheduling: Scheduling can be a hassle, especially within the manufacturing industry when every responsibility and task needs to be in sync with the other to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With QAD's master scheduling workbench, users are able to rapidly manipulate schedules and simulate “what-if” results before they make permanent changes to the schedule.

Enterprise Asset Management: With QAD's asset management features, users are able to manage both their expected and unexpected equipment maintenance with ease. Calibrations, procurement of MRO inventory and tracking capital asset project costs have never been easier or more in sync.

These are just a few of the many benefits that QAD brings to the manufacturing industry. For more information on QAD and how it may grow your business, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based QAD partner for a consultation.

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