QAD Optimization

As a business process focused QAD consulting partner, one of the key values we offer is to help you optimize your QAD system from a business perspective. QAD offers a wide array of software modules, but which modules are right for your business? Within specific modules, which functionality is optimal for your business? How can your business best leverage the QAD software along with best business;practices, processes and procedures to optimize your competitiveness?

Whether you are a new or prospective QAD user or you are fully implemented, Logan Consulting can help you optimize how you are using your QAD system to maximize the value to your organization.

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help: 

  • Optimize inventory levels vs. customer service levels 
  • Optimize production and productions scheduling Streamline your production processes 
  • Optimize pricing, timing and logistics within your supplier-side supply chain 
  • Optimize pricing on your customer-side supply chain 
  • Improve the efficiency of distribution inventory levels, locations and logistics 
  • Improve your processes for qualifying and certifying suppliers and customers 
  • Integrate and optimize how your QAD system works with other software systems and processes within your business and with you supply chain