The Client

Our client is a premier provider of solutions based on Point-toMultipoint (PMP), Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), a technology essential to the growth of broadband markets. The Company supplies integrated BWA solutions to telecom carriers, service providers and enterprises all over the world.

The Opportunity

The client’s U.S. subsidiary headquarters in Israel were previously operating under separate and disjointed systems and processes. Their desired to implement a single ERP backbone and infrastructure to provide a common process model with a consolidated and single source of information to support Financials, Operations, Logistics, Sales & Support and subsequent reporting. This included web based capabilities to open the organization to the inherent power of the World Wide Web for communications, sales and remote access. Ultimately the new processes and infrastructure would provide for efficient processes to enhance communication and service between the organization and the end customer.

The Solution

Logan Consulting assisted the client by providing strategic, project management, process and technical expertise to implement QAD’s MFG/PRO within 5 months.

Implementation proved challenging due to existing market conditions in the semi-conductor industry. They had experienced huge growth in 1999 and subsequently were dealing with material shortage issues. The year 2000 brought a major slow down in the industry with many communications companies failing – causing a surplus of finished goods inventories on the shelves and in the distribution channels.

Their existing legacy environment contained non integrated billing, inventory, barcode and one off Excel spreadsheets to handle MRP. Migrating to an integrated ERP system such as QAD, extensive training and a comprehensive review and ERP enabled process redesign was required.

Both companies understood that there were major forecast, demand, and fulfillment issues between the two units. Logan worked extensively with individuals from both organizations to provide demand fulfillment processes that could work, and be trusted, at all levels of the organization. Supplier Schedules were implemented to support this requirement as well additional processes in the planning and forecasting areas.

Due to process redesign efforts, an improved MRP based solution that has the floor building product based on actual demand replaced a string of complicated processes that handled the same requirement in the legacy systems.

With warranty coverage information being extremely important in the electronics industry, the company was forced to implement tightly controlled serial number processes to support the business efficiently and effectively.

In addition best pricing was implemented to meet complicated customer / distributor requirements.

The Results

  • While partnering with Logan Consulting, they delivered on time, on target, and on budget within the 5 month time frame.
  • They now use the same integrated ERP system to control their business.
  • They can share Operations, Distribution, Accounting, and Information Systems knowledge within the organization to enhance processes and performance.
  • They can provide more accurate demand requirements to the company due to use of MRP with real demand, forecasts, and reasonable planning data.
  • They eliminated two legacy systems when they implemented QAD’s MFG/PRO.
  • All financial data is tied to the functional modules of MFG/PRO. They no longer has to utilize separate systems.
  • Full serial control was maintained on all items as required to fulfill their RS & R needs.
  • Their platform is browser based to provide low bandwidth operation.