Logan Consulting helps a snack food producer and co-packer successfully implement QAD MFG/PRO.


The Client

The client is a leading supplier and co-packer of food products for the cereal and snack mix industry. The company has grown from a small single site operation to a five-site operation based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


The Opportunity

The client’s five production facilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan needed to be integrated into a single system to allow better coordination of scheduling and overall supply chain options. Most of the systems in use were designed for a specific department and were simple spreadsheet programs. The lack of integration and functionality available presented major challenges for tracking inventory and evaluation of operational results. MFG/PRO was selected as the ERP package to be implemented.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Logan Consulting provided the project management expertise, business process and QAD knowledge and proven implementation methodology to help the snack food producer implement QAD MFG/PRO. All functional areas including manufacturing, distribution and financials were implemented in four months across the client’s five sites.

As a food producer and co-packer, the client was required to implement several unique solutions to satisfy the requirements of their major customers. Lot tracking, detailed shipment requirements and seamless integration with key business partners who were both customers and suppliers provided challenges. To ensure the client would be self-sufficient when the consultants left, customized, function specific training materials and systems documentation were developed.

Logan Consulting handled all levels of the MFG/PRO Implementation project from executive level project management to business process design expertise at the shop floor level, and continues to support the client in their unique initiatives to this day.


The Results

  • Improved inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Improved knowledge and visibility to the entire supply chain
  • Provided timely and meaningful operational results
  • More precise management and scheduling of production lines and detailed data regarding throughput in the production lines

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Next Steps

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