A circuit manufacturer partners with Logan Consulting to integrate a customer satisfaction survey through Microsoft Dynamics AX that gets emailed to customers after a successful shipment.


The Client


Our client was originally formed in 1948 in Nuremberg, Germany. In 1955, the company expanded and opened offices overseas, including a Chicago office. They have continued to expand throughout the years to achieve a true global footprint with over 1200 employees in 60 countries. The company produces high performance circuit breakers and other electronic solutions such as disconnector switches for a wide array of customers. The company holds high standards of quality as well as maintaining an environmental management system that is ISO 14001 certified.


The Opportunity

The client wanted to improve their customer engagement and decided that using a customer survey to rate a customer’s experience would be ideal. Not only was this a way to interact with customers post-sale, but it provided an opportunity to gather additional data to improve operations.


The Logan Consulting Solution

Since a customer survey is not included with standard AX functionality the client partnered with Logan Consulting to implement an integration between AX and a survey service. After an initial requirements gathering session with members from both teams, the survey logic was clear. We would need to build logic that emails a customer contact a survey 7 days after a customer’s sales order has been invoiced. The survey should only be sent to a contact only once every 365 days regardless of the number of shipments that have been sent to the customer. The email had to be automatic, and we also needed an area to check the status of an email.


The Results

As a result of the modification, customer engagement at the company has improved.

  • Surveys are being distributed to customers based on the parameters listed above
  • The client is now able to collect detailed information about their customer’s experience, and can use the results to improve business process or product offering
  • The ability to automatically email these surveys as part of an AX job reduces maintenance
  • The table showing the customer’s survey status allows for manual intervention if needed


Next Steps

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