Top ERP Software Myths Busted

Posted on: November 21, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP, ERP Selection

No matter the industry or business size, ERP software (accounting software) has a fit within organization. So often organizations are hesitant to veer away from their manual processes however more often than not, a more automated ERP software could completely transform daily business operations. We hear a lot of different myths floating around automated ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, so instead of letting them continue on, your Chicago based Microsoft Partner has decided to bust some of the more common myths.

Myth 1: Only large companies need ERP software, mine is too small

Even small companies can benefit from ERP software; There are many deployment options based off of size and industry that can help your business grow, better organize customer information and simplify your daily workflow. Who doesn't love less work! There are many benefits of an ERP system and any company with a flow of revenue, customers to manage and employees can benefit from accounting software like Dynamics GP, no matter what the size. ERP software gives customers a better outlook on future trends, expansion opportunities and more.

Myth 2: My businesses current manual processes are working just fine. I like being in control of my finances.

While manual processing may give you total control over your business, manual processing often slows down production and leaves room for error, not to mention take up a significant amount of time and attention. By automating your otherwise manual business processes, you can bust this ERP software myth and save your business time and money. Even for smaller businesses automated ERP software like Dynamics GP can help you create timely accurate report, better manage your stocked inventory and predict future sales to help you make better business decisions.

Myth 3: ERP Software is Too Expensive

The biggest myth that many companies face is the idea that they just can’t afford ERP accounting software. However, many software solutions offer flexible pricing structures that can be offered to your business, no matter what the size. Pricing based on users or needs can easily be determined by your ERP consultant to help you find your best fit. The best way to bust this myth is to get a quote!

If your business is considering in implementing an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP but don’t know where to start, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Dynamics GP partner and schedule a consultation. 

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