Top 4 Reasons Why a new Cloud ERP System Should Be on Your Wish List for the New Year

Posted on: December 29, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics GP, ERP Selection, QAD Business Process

New Year’s Resolutions are an American Tradition. Despite the fact that many of us fail to keep our pacts to lose weight, get more organized, save more money, etc. one resolution that you won’t have trouble keeping is to revamp your business with a modernized Cloud ERP System. Microsoft Dynamics’s, Acumatica and QAD all have comprehensive business solutions to fit any business, no matter what the size or requirements that your business may have. With the right implementation partner, finding ERP implementation success can offer tremendous gains for your practice. Below are 4 of our favorite reasons why a new Cloud ERP system should be on your wish list for the new year.

Greater Visibility

What sets cloud ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX Acumatica and QAD apart from on premise competitors is the increased visibility that these cloud based solutions provide. These cloud based solutions offer users real time data into their business and even predictive analytics that can allow for more purposeful business decisions. Improve inventory management, build customer loyalty and more. Having total insight into your businesses operations is one of the major reasons why a new cloud ERP system should be on your wish list for the New Year.

Increased Collaboration

Another reason why a new cloud ERP system could be on your wish list for the New Year is the increased collaboration potential. Because of the increased visibility within the system users will be able to share ideas, important information and significantly limit the tedious repetition that often comes from not everyone having the same information. Another perk of having a cloud ERP system is the ability to access your software from anywhere at any time. Businesses no longer have to be tied down by dated on premise systems and can keep up with the mobile workplace and get the job done from anywhere at any time.

Easy Upgrades

Because Cloud ERP software is based online, upgrades are far simpler than a traditional on premise options. Minor upgrades are easily deployed with the help of your implementation partner and depending on your chosen cloud ERP software many of these solutions offer timely and flexible upgrades so that upgrading your software doesn’t put your business out of commission for more time than necessary.

Flexible Pricing

One of the most convenient aspects of cloud based ERP solutions are their flexible pricing structures. Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, and Acumatica are software’s suited for businesses of all sizes. Whether priced by user or usage, cloud ERP solutions give businesses options.

If a cloud ERP system like QAD, Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX or Acumatica is something that your business would like to learn more about, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based ERP partners to schedule a consultation to find your best ERP solution in the New Year.

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