Scheduling Reports in Business Central

Posted on: August 24, 2022 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft’s Business Central comes equipped with many different tools to enhance the daily practices of businesses. One specific feature is the ability for users to schedule reports, either in singularity or reoccurring. By scheduling reports, users can dedicate more time to other tasks and navigate through the platform uninterrupted.

Scheduling a Report

Using this tool in Business Central is fairly straightforward. Users just have to follow a few easy steps to accomplish this. First, it’s important to open up the Report’s Request Page. Here, you will click on the “Send To…” button, which generates an option page. Once you see this, you can click on the Schedule button to open up the scheduling options dialog. This is where you can specify whether or not the report is recurring, as well as what its output should be (i.e. printed or PDF).

The scheduling reporting function is a great tool to start using when looking to streamline business processes and increase efficiency within your organization. 

Next Steps

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