Resource Scheduling Optimization in Dynamics 365

Posted on: December 27, 2022 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In the field service industry, ensuring that you have the employees and resources available to complete customer service is vital for ensuring your company’s success and longevity. Because there are often multiple jobs that need to be staffed, each requiring specific equipment and skill sets, creating an efficient and sufficient scheduling system can be very complicated when done independently.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365’s application for Field Service, users can utilize Resource Scheduling Optimization to automatically schedule jobs and match them to the technicians, equipment and facilities best suited to that job.

Resource Scheduling Optimization gives you the ability to construct a schedule board that maximizes resource utilization and minimizes travel time, functioning as a more advanced form of scheduling for field service organizations.


Incorporating this scheduling tool can bring amazing benefits to your organization. Not only does it offer assistance in job matching for dispatchers, but it also:

  • Helps achieve scale because dispatchers are able to manage more resources, making room for more service offerings.
  • Improves customer satisfaction because improved efficiency yields greater predictability, and technicians are able to quickly respond to urgent requests.
  • Makes technicians more efficient through being able to fit a maximal amount of appointments into working hours, reducing overtime costs in the process. Moreover, work orders are matched with technician skills in Resource Scheduling Optimization, reducing inefficient time allocation.
  • Minimizes travel time by ensuring technicians are taking the most optimal route to each of their service jobs.

To learn more about Resource Scheduling Optimization in Microsoft Dynamics 365, check out Microsoft’s page here.

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