On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud – Is the Cloud Pricing Structure Right for Your Company?

Posted on: November 26, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | ERP Selection

You’ve chosen your ERP system and now you must choose something equally important, your deployment option. Our previous blog posts have taken a deeper look at the different qualities each ERP deployment option possesses. Once you decide which options fit your company best you will want to be sure that you choose a pricing structure that fits your company’s budget.  

A look at our infographic for Cloud deployment shows:

Annual Subscription: $15,000

Software: N/A

Annual Maintenance: N/A

Database Software: N/A

Infrastructure: N/A

In order to make an accurate decision, you must decide if this pricing structure is right for you.  To break this down further, with cloud deployment you pay an annual subscription per user. In our scenario we have a 5 user system which breaks down to around $3,000 per user per year. Your subscription includes software, infrastructure, database software and required updates.

In the end, with cloud deployment your costs up front are low, but your subscription must be paid per user and paid on an annual basis.  Is cloud ERP deployment a fit for you? Contact Logan Consulting for more information.  

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