Microsoft CRM Browser Compatability

Posted on: May 21, 2011 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One issue that has been coming up since the early releases of Microsoft CRM is browser compatibility. This dates back to at least 2005 if not earlier. To date, every version of Microsoft CRM including the latest release, Microsoft CRM 2011, have only worked with Internet Explorer.

In Microsoft’s latest Statement of Direction and in conversations I have had with developers and product managers they have confirmed that Microsoft is working towards browser compatibility. I am sure this is welcome news for many of you especially those of you using Macs and Apple technology. Microsoft has not released specifically which browsers would be supported, but one would have to imagine that Safari and Firefox would bubble to the top of the list.

I would expect more information and releases late this year or early next year. As soon we know something definitive I will post it.

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