Is your ERP Software Hurting your Business?

Posted on: April 6, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | ERP Selection, Microsoft Dynamics GP

Let’s face it, basic accounting software, while a great way to start off a new business, can become dated very quickly. Once your company gets up and running, a more sophisticated business system like Microsoft Dynamics GP is not only recommended, but almost required for your business to continue growth. When immersed in your usual day to day operations, it is easy to ignore the red flags of trouble that could be setting you back. One of the many challenges businesses face is determining just when it's time to make the switch to an ERP software like Dynamics GP but knowing the signs can make all the difference. Below are two of the most common red flags we see in businesses in need of an ERP upgrade. Want to check out the other 13 “Red Flags” that could be hurting your business and how to fix them? Download our complimentary whitepaper here.


Growing Paper Problems: With rapid growth often comes document mayhem. Purchasing supplies and reimbursing expenses through paper invoices and expense sheets can be a logistical nightmare for a geographically dispersed company. With an accounting system that doesn't support electronical AP management, the time spent pushing papers can quickly swallow you up. Forward thinking and automated ERP software like Dynamics GP can help eliminate paper so that your AP team can spend their time doing things outside of logging invoices and searching for lost documents.


Inaccurate Cost Calculations: Many Process manufacturers are making do with software solutions that were originally designed for discrete manufacturers. Basic ERP software systems don't discern the difference between costing in process and discrete manufacturing which can lead to inaccurate costing. Inaccurate costing can cause clients to take their business elsewhere because of pricing with a “cushion”, high raw material costs due to poor inventory costing, and extremely time consuming manual reporting. Microsoft Dynamics GP's ERP software allows for automated standard costing to gain insight into individual product profitability.


Noticing any of these red flags popping up in your business? It may be time to move your business over to Microsoft Dynamics GP. If your company is in need of an ERP technology assessment or help with ERP selection, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based ERP consultants.

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