How To: Create A Dunning Letter in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: February 10, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Dunning Letter tool is an excellent tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP that isn't utilized nearly as much as it should. It gives users the ability to produce individual and/or mass mailings to vendors, customers and employees with the simple click of a button. This video focuses mainly on sending a Dunning Letter, or a notification, to customers with past due balances to keep you and your customers on track.



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In today's video I will be showing you how to create a Dunning Letter in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The letter writing assistant in GP is an excellent tool that isn't utilized nearly as much as it should be. It helps you produce individual and/or mass mailings to vendors customers and employees by using mail merge a Microsoft Word feature.


Today I will show you how to send a Dunning Letter to your customers with past-due balances. A Dunning Letter is simply a notification sent to a customer stating that the customer is overdue and is paying an account receivable. Microsoft GP gives you the ability to send first, second and final notices to one or several of your customers.


To accomplish this, open the letter writings a system which is located in the reports menu at the top of the screen. Click Next. Make sure the prepared the letters using an existing letter option is selected and click Next. Here is where you can choose the type of letter you want to produce.


Collection is the category that will contain the Dunning Letter. Additionally, you can send various types of letters to your customers, vendors, employees and applicants. After clicking Next, you prepare the details of the Dunning Letter. First choose the customer or customers you want to send it to. You can select all customers or multiple customers in a range of customer IDs or names or in a Smartlist. I'll choose one customer for simplicity and I'll choose Adam Park.


Next you can select which balanced budgets you want to include in the letter. I'll select everything over ninety days but next. Then you can choose whether it is a first, second, or final notice. The language will get more firm and direct from first to final. Confirm everything is correct and then hit next.


Lastly include the information you want to include in the signature at the bottom. I have my name and my title. When you are done click finish and as you can see the letter is then created in Microsoft Word. GP provides excellent templates. You also have the ability to edit them. If you go back to the letter writing assistant, click Next. You can choose to customize a letter by adding the letter or changing the existing one. I'll edit an existing letter and choose, I had the collection category selected and GP's first notice and then click Next. Microsoft Word will open the template and from here you can get pretty much every aspect of the letter when you are done. Save a letter in the same folder as your other Dynamics GP templates

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