Dynamics 365: Release Enhancements Plan January 2023

Posted on: December 22, 2022 | By: Guy Logan | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing

The 2022 release wave 2 plan for Dynamics 365 brings new innovations that provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business. This month’s release contains the following exciting new features in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management for these apps: Finance, Supply Chain Management, Guides, and Project Operations. 

Dynamics 365 Finance drives automation and predictive analytics capabilities. 

  • New Feature: Ledger settlement automation

    • Business Value: save time and labor costs by automatically matching debit and credit transactions in the General ledger and marking them as settled
      • Details: reduces number of manual steps through and automated settlement process. The automation process will run based on rules that you specify.
  • New Feature: Tax Calculation service

    • Business Value: minimize tax group and item tax group setup effort for multiple tax codes with the same pattern.
      • Details: enables the batch input function of tax codes in tax group setup and item tax group setup, with additional advanced operators introduced to set criteria.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management obtains a unified view of inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, service, and logistics with predictive analytics.

  • New Feature: Leverage supply forecasts in Planning Optimization

    • Business Value: enhance the quality and accuracy of the materials requirement plans generated by Planning Optimization.
      • Details: provide more accurate planning by incorporating supply forecasts into its calculations.
  • New Feature: Assess supply risks to prevent supply chain disruptions

    • Business Value: the supply risk assessment dashboard helps materials managers understand the risk of encountering sourcing shortages and delays
      • Details: material managers can better assess supply risks and understand the impact of potential sourcing disruptions
  • New Feature: Auto-submit detour steps for the Warehouse Management mobile app

    • Business Value: increase the efficiency of warehouse workers using the Warehouse Management mobile app by enabling the app to fetch data automatically
      • Details: provides a flexible set of capabilities that can be combined and configured to support warehouse layouts and operational scenarios. New features can guide warehouse professionals through simple implementation and configuration choice to help set up the warehouse solution quickly.
  • New Feature: Guided warehouse implementation experience

    • Business Value: reduce the implementation time and cost of setting up warehouse operations in Dynamics 365 SCM.
      • Details: lets you control whether the report-as-finished journal and related journal postings should be processed at the same time as the report-as-finished task is processed by the system.
  • New Feature: Optimize warehousing setup with Application Insights

    • Business Value: provides insights into the performance and usage of your warehouse management system to quickly identify potential improvements and diagnose problems.
      • Details: businesses and consultants can use Azure Application Insights to analyze the way users work with warehousing functionality of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
  • New Feature: Pack shipments with the Warehouse Management mobile app

    • Business Value: the Warehouse Management mobile app provides warehouse workers with the freedom to move around while performing their packing activities, which is especially helpful for business that ship large items or have large packing areas.
      • Details: traditionally, workers have performed packing activities at a specific packing station configured in D365 SCM using a process optimized for shipments of small to medium sized parcels.

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