Data Migration from Dynamics GP to Business Central

Posted on: August 23, 2021 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

In a digitally driven and remote work environment, having the ability to access pertinent information and data from anywhere is vital in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. On-premises solutions may no longer be the best option available today. That’s why many Dynamics GP users are choosing to transition over to Business Central. While it might seem like a difficult and time-consuming process to switch software solutions, Microsoft has actually created a tool in order to simplify data migration.

In order to migrate data from Dynamics GP to Business Central, users must be using a supported version of GP released in 2015, 2016, and 2018. Customer, Vendors, Items and other static data can easily be migrated. In addition, the following transaction data can be migrated:

  • General Ledger Accounts and Balances
  • Customers and Open Receivables Transactions
  • Vendors and Open Payables Transactions
  • Items and Quantity on Hand

Microsoft has a cloud migration tool to simplify the transition of data from Dynamics GP to Business Central. You can select the “Set up Cloud Migration” assisted setup, which generates a Data Migration Setup guide and takes you through the process of connecting GP to Business Central. The tool streamlines the effort, but the overall setup of Business Central is different and therefore creating and executing a detailed plan is important.

In this guide, you can specify what on-premises software you want to migrate data from. Once selected, you are brought to a page that assists you in making an SQL connection between the two solutions. Once the connection is made, you can select the specific company within the on-premises solution that you want to migrate data from.

After the data migration is completed, you must end the migration by turning it off in the Cloud Migration Setup page. This is a crucial step because if the migration is not disabled, every time it is run, any new changes will be migrated.

Next Steps

Data migration feels like a complicated process, but Logan Consulting can help make it easy for your business. If you are interested in learning more about how simple it can be to switch from Dynamics GP to Business Central, contact us today!

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