Check Out These Customization Tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: October 9, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

It’s 2015 – we want our coffee made exactly how we like it, our cars to fit our personality and our phones to know our names. We live in a world were customization has gone from a luxury to almost a necessity. This is why Microsoft Dynamics GP is such a great product for users of all shapes and sizes. GP offers users so many ways to customize products in order to fit their own unique needs. Here are just a few ways how:

Customize Smartlist Favorites and Reminders: You can set customized alerts in GP to  alert you when different criteria is  met. For example, you can tell GP to set a reminder to print checks when a payables batch accumulates to a certain amount.

Customize your menu bar: You maneuver around in your own unique way, and you need GP to reflect this. Modify your menu bar however you would like by adding commonly used buttons to the top.

Visual Studio Tools : Visual studio tools allow you to build user interface and database integration within GP.

Integration Manager : Convert and transfer data from standard database formats directly into GP, allowing you to integrate data from the source of your choice.

Report writer : Create and customize reports within GP to fit your exact needs.

With customization you can make GP feel like it was made precisely for you.  When you feel at home with your software you work more efficiently, saving time and money for your organization. For more information on Microsoft dynamics GP customization, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based GP partner. 

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