Business Central R2 Updates and New Features

Posted on: September 18, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

The 2023 R2 of Dynamics 365 Business Central is coming, and with it many new and updated features within the ERP! Business Central will have many updates across a variety of areas, including to their power platform, application, and development. In this blog, we will highlight three important changes occurring with R2 that will improve your ERP experience.

Support Business Events within Business Central

You can now add external business events to your Business Central in order to create business flows. Through the new Business Central connector trigger “when a business event occurs”, you can immediately implement the event into your ERP. Business Central will react to any event in a preferred environment, events in a specified company, and it can react to multiple events at once.

Edit in Excel

Your business can work directly within Excel to edit and update your item journals and warehouse worksheets. When you open Excel, there will be an “Excel Add-in” feature on the right-hand side. By clicking that feature and clicking refresh, you can access the latest data from your Business Central. This feature will allow you to work seamlessly across Excel and Business Central.

Access Worksheet Pages from your Mobile Device

You can take advantage of Business Central from any location, as the product and most of its features have been extended to the mobile device. With the latest update, you can now open and edit a simplified version of your worksheet pages from your phone. The simplified version contains the same data as your worksheet, and simplified header and footer sections for easy viewing.

To learn more about the newest features, check out Microsoft’s website here.

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