Best Business Central Reporting Tools for 2024

Posted on: December 5, 2023 | By: Page Wildridge | Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Boasting over 700 built-in reports, Business Central offers a wide range of ways to slice & dice your data for companies of all shapes and sizes. However, when you need to connect additional data sources or manage data across multiple environments, there are a few standout solutions that make the user experience even better. With the end of 2023 around the corner, we’ve highlighted some of the best Business Central reporting tools that you should consider for 2024.

1. Cosmos

One of the most popular solutions on this list, Cosmos offers a powerful user experience that provides an easy-to-use report builder as well as pre-built reports that your team can use right away. Designed with business users in mind, Cosmos’s no-code report builder allows you to effortlessly compile & visualize data without the need of technical resources. If you can point and click, you can create custom reports to quickly identify KPIs & trends within your own business.

2. Jet Reports

Founded in 2002, Jet Reports by insightsoftware has been a staple in the Dynamics community for 20+ years – and with very good reason. Allowing customers to easily access their data across any platform, Jet Reports provides a robust reporting solution for companies to comprehensively evaluate vast amounts of data. To make migration more streamlined, Jet Reports also offers a pre-built data warehouse and cubes, allowing companies to responsibly store & clean legacy data while moving to a new platform.

3. Binary Stream MEM

Any growing business should consider Binary Stream, which offers real-time consolidated reporting with businesses managing multiple entities. Out of the box, Business Central allows companies to track financials for each entity it owns; Binary Stream takes that functionality and provides a consolidated view of the entire business. In addition, it allows organizations to automate intercompany transactions across business units and reduces manual accounting efforts.

4. Power BI

Any list of reporting solutions for Business Central is incomplete without mentioning Power BI. Microsoft’s flagship data visualization tool is a must-have for anyone using Dynamics 365; no matter what data is being captured, it can be configured into a meaningful report or dashboard that can be embedded anywhere within Business Central. Offering low-code/no-code and REST API options, Power BI is designed for companies to continuously scale with the solution as their needs evolve. As part of the Power Platform suite, Microsoft continues to develop innovative ways to empower their customers.

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