Acumatica's Cloud ERP May Be The Solution For Multinational Companies

Posted on: September 15, 2014 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica

Cloud-based ERP systems have proven to be ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises, yet these same cloud-based ERP systems may be an option for large multinational companies as well.

Most larger companies have had ERP systems deployed for over a decade. A majority of the time the ERP systems implemented by these businesses were found on-premises due to the fact that larger companies often already had robust IT infrastructure and support resources on hand. These on-premise ERP systems typically provided worldwide views of customer demand, inventory positions and operations necessary to efficiently allocate resources.

However, most companies internally hosted ERP systems were not able to extend to certain locations or were too costly to deploy in smaller locations.  The result was companies having an incomplete understanding of their total operation or using a lot of import/export routines with Excel.  Furthermore, as many companies expand to the developing world and the opportunity for large revenue growth in these areas the need for a complete view of a business is growing.      

This is when cloud ERP systems come into play. Companies may not have the ability to deploy an on-premises solution to every location.  However, with a cloud based ERP system all that is necessary is an internet connection.  A cloud ERP solution could provide planning and execution capabilities to remote operations without investing in pricey and complicated IT infrastructures. With ERP systems available in even the most remote areas, a company can truly start to get an entire global perspective of their business operations.                                                                                              

If you would be interested in discussing cloud ERP systems and deploying them at larger organizations feel free to contact contact Logan Consulting.

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