7 Trends in Cloud ERP That Will Make You Want to Switch to Dynamics GP

Posted on: October 11, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Cloud-based ERP solutions are no longer luxury options, rather these mainstream ERP solutions and are highly sought after products that are becoming commonplace in the market. With cloud based accounting software your business can continue to compete head to head with leaders in your industry. Many full featured cloud ERP solutions like Dynamics GP are able to manage supply chain, operations, reporting and human resources, making driving growth and revenue within your organization easier than ever.

So, why should your business switch to ERP in the cloud?

 1. Keeping pace with a mobile workforce

Your business is constantly on the move, which means your ERP system should be too. Gone are the days when employees are tied down to their desktops, with cloud ERP systems like Dynamics GP, employees can stay connected any time, anywhere and you can be confident that your information is secure – the peace of mind that any employer needs.

2. IT moves to the background

While there is certainly a time and a place for IT departments to manage the business management systems that run your business, they certainly should not be your only means to accessing and controlling your data. Business problems should not be held down by technology and cloud ERP can help with that. With an ERP system like Dynamics GP, you can stop being limited by outdated technology and can start focusing on the problems that truly matter. 

3. The “Internet of Things”

Interpret your business better through the “internet of things” by connecting to important online data sources that help you thoroughly understand your marketplace. This quickly evolving function in the world of ERP allows for deeper functionality and can help eliminate error through the use of predictive analytics.

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