5 Benefits of an ERP System for Distributors

Posted on: July 11, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica, Wholesale Distribution

Benefits of an ERP system


By now I'm sure you've heard of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and are either in one of three categories. Either you have an automated distribution management system that works great for your wholesale distribution company, you're struggling in a love hate relationship with an ERP system that frequently crashes or slows down production, or you're still not totally sold on an ERP system and are looking to learn more.


Luckily, no matter what stage you're in, the benefits that an automated ERP system can bring to wholesalers are priceless and worth taking a second look at. Having a modern, automated ERP system can ultimately help increase visibility,  improve inventory management, improve demand planning, increase accuracy in reporting, and automated workflows



Being certain that you are consistently seeing the whole picture within your wholesale distribution company is important, however for many distributors, this is a real pain point. Without the ability to clearly see both inbound and outbound product flows clearly, making day to day decisions can be difficult. With an automated wholesale distribution software like Acumatica Cloud ERP, distributors can benefit by clearly every step in the process, from start to finish. This complete view into your supply chain can help give a better insight into just how your distribution organization is running, that way, problems can be stopped before they become too big of an issue. Let an automated distribution management system help you can make the decisions you need, with confidence.


Improved Inventory Management

While there is something to be said for manual processing, many wholesalers are turning to automated distribution planning software to help streamline their inventory management processes. Eliminate the significant amounts of time that manually processing inventory management will take, by implementing an ERP software for wholesalers.  Automated inventory management capabilities will improve your inventory management processes by allowing users to track and manage data across multiple warehouses and currencies all while giving real time visibility to current inventory in transit, costs, and reorder quantities. This benefit of ERP software also allows users to improve their inventory management by giving tracking access to expiration dates, negative inventory and bin locations. Distribution software solutions not only improve inventory management, but also customer service. Customers trust businesses that are transparent with them and get the job done.

Demand Planning

Another benefit of having a distribution software system is the demand planning capabilities that it can bring to your business. Having a clear picture of the amount of inventory you will need at any given time is crucial for keeping up with customer orders and being certain that you will not have to turn customers away due to poor planning. With Acumatica and other automated ERP software systems, users are able to utilize the power of predictive analytics based off of past trends so that you will have a clear picture of what exactly you will need to run an effective and efficient wholesale distribution organization. While ERP may not be psychic, it is extremely beneficial for any business looking to take some dirty work off of their hands.

Accurate Reporting

Wholesale distribution management software can benefit it's users through more accurate reporting. While increased visibility is helpful for decision making, it also is extremely useful for compiling your data into accurate and timely reports both internally and externally. Respond more quickly to complex data reporting requests and make complying with industry reporting standards a breeze.

Automated Workflows

Take some of the work off of your hands and let distribution ERP software benefit your business through automated scheduling and workflow capabilities. Let your distribution management software automate purchasing decisions and purchase order approvals. But don't worry, with Acumatica cloud ERP nothing can be automated without your approval so you're in control every step of the way. ERP allows you to automate the scheduling of a variety of tasks and workflows.

With a wholesale distribution management system, users are able to benefit greatly and help their businesses grow without any added hassle. For more information on how an ERP software system could benefit your wholesale distribution organization, contact Logan Consulting to schedule a consultation.

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