4 Steps to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation

Posted on: December 12, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, ERP Selection, QAD Business Process

ERP implementations can be a touchy subject for any business. Nobody likes change, especially if you don't see anything wrong with a current solution. Humans are creatures of habit, and management often finds it difficult to get your team on board and excited about a new ERP implementation project. While it can be difficult, making this transition does not have to be impossible. If your business is considering implementing a new ERP system like QAD or Microsoft Dynamics AX in the new year, below are 4 of our favorite steps to boosting team morale and increasing your potential for success.

For more information on boosting morale with an ERP Implementation and how Logan Consulting makes sure that your team gets the best implementation possible, contact a Chicago based ERP partner here. For more information on training and implementation project steps, click here.

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