3 Ways QAD Brings Operations and Supply Chain Together

Posted on: July 11, 2017 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Practice News

Choosing to implement an ERP software like QAD allows your business to bring operations and supply chain together simultaneously. QAD is a top-performing solution built for manufacturing. Being able to align both your operations and supply chain allows for reduced error within these two entities of your business. QAD is a leading ERP solution for reducing inventory, innovating growth, and increasing visibility into your global supply chain. Read to learn more about three of the ways this high-performing software brings operations and supply chain together!

QAD supply chain & operations

Reducing Inventory

Having an abundance of inventory on hand is both costly and unnecessary. By perfecting your lead times through automation tools in QAD, your orders will be on time and accurate. Finding that perfect inventory level can be hard to do without the right tools, but choosing a solution like QAD allows you look into forecasting and visualize demand with ease.

Innovating Growth

When discussing business success, individuals often refer to “top-line growth”. While it’s important to measure gross sales/revenue, it is also critical to see accurate “bottom-line growth”, or net profit growth. QAD facilitates and reinforces sound manufacturing, supply chain and financial operations to support top and bottom line growth.

Increasing Visibility

Visibility is a key component to developing a successful supply chain. Forecast modeling, single click collaboration, and predictive analytics are a few of tools QAD offers to gather insight into supply chain operations. Forecasting gives your business visibility into future manufacturing and purchasing requirements while helping suppliers accommodate changes in demand and keeping delivery on-time. By using the Single-Click Collaboration, all stakeholders have the power to access tools that enable fluid communication. Having the ability to collaborate this easily with QAD’s features ensures that supply chain and operations will involve everyone. Lastly, predictive analytics helps your business make predictions about future or other unknown events that could impact operations and supply chain. Having the power to react quickly to these changes makes all the difference when your business is looking to stay ahead of the game.


Customer satisfaction stems directly from fast and accurate delivery. Your business’s supply chain and operations must work as a team to ensure your delivery performance is keeping up with competitors. With QAD’s manufacturing and supply chain apps your business can gain support in real-time. These features allow for fast calculations and simplified collaboration throughout the business. If your business is looking to make these improvements, contact Logan Consulting, your QAD expert for a free consultation now!

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